Pet Grooming

Grooming at Lane Animal Hospital is a clean and quiet experience for your pet.


Why Groom at Lane Animal Hospital?

We offer a clean and quiet atmosphere- no heated cage dryers and only 2-3 other pets in the grooming salon at a time maximum. Our veterinary team is available in-house anything the salon is open, and we have video cameras in the salon for constant supervision. Our experienced stylist is comfortable working with seniors and anxious pets alike.

Services Offered

All services include: premium shampoo & Conditioner, luxury face wash, velocity blow drying, 15 minutes of brushing, ear cleaning (plucking by request only), paw pad shaving, feet trimming (if needed), sanitary trim, anal gland expression (external only, by request), nail trim & grind, cologne and bandana or bows!

  • Luxury Pamper session (includes DE-shedding or seasonal premium shampoo upgrade, nose & paw balm application, and teeth brushing)
  • Teeth Brushing
  • DE-shedding treatments
  • DE-skunking
  • DE-matting
  • Paw & Nose balm application
  • Extra brushing/scissoring

Meet Our Professional Pet Stylist


Katherine McClure

Katherine McClure joined Lane Animal Hospital back in 2018 as a member of a our boarding team, and now moves into a Full-Time Professional Pet Stylist position. She began helping in the LAH grooming salon back in 2020 after the pandemic grooming service pause, helping her to decide she wanted to become a groomer herself. She took a second job as a dog bather at Petsmart in 2020 on top of continuing to work on our boarding team. In March 2021, she graduated from the Pet Stylist grooming academy program after completing more than 800 hours of hands on experience, working with over 200 dogs to begin her new role as a Full-Time stylist in Jackson. She recently added felines to her services after completing an additional training program in December 2022.


Katherine grew up in Onsted and has 3 large dogs and multiple cats of her own. She has had a passion for animals her whole life and knew that she wanted her career to involve them. She loves grooming all pets, but especially enjoys grooming large/giant breeds and small curly coated breeds. She is very excited to help LAH pets look and feel their best!

Requirement for Grooming

Pets must be up to date on all required vaccines, heartworm and fecal testing, as well as parasite prevention. (If parasite preventions are purchased somewhere besides LAH, proof of purchase will be required).