COVID-19 Updates and Alerts

We are beyond thrilled to have these restrictions officially lifted. We are grateful that Michigan is showing signs of recovery. Still, for the safety of our staff, clients, and pets alike, to comply with OSHA and the CDC, our building will remain closed at this time, with only essential staff allowed inside. We are happy to resume these services and continue offering concierge curbside care for all patients and continue contact-less pick-up for refilled prescription medications and foods!

We are proud of our staff for how hard they have been working these past 8 weeks to make curbside service go as smoothly as possible for clients, our patients, and our doctors! We truly miss visiting with you all one on one in the building more than you know and wish things could be a bit more of our ‘normal’, but as always- our priority is safety for all…

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Emergency Services

We refer all after-hour emergent cases to one of the highly qualified and adequately staffed local emergency hospitals where there is full staffing at all hours, specialized equipment, and 24-hour intensive care.


Emergency Services

After hours we do not have the staff necessary to provide your pet with the level of care they need and deserve. The clinics that are closest to us that we recommend are: