We are so thrilled to have seen some of you back inside LAH now for the past few weeks!

How is the Phased Reopening working?

Here is a bit more of a breakdown for Phase 1:

All Doctor’s Appointments: 2 masked, healthy adults are welcome to accompany their animals inside for their appointment. When you arrive for your appointment, give our front desk a call just as you would for a curbside visit. Since the lobby is still closed for the time being, the Doctor’s Assistant will meet you on our covered front porch to escort you and your pet inside and into an exam room. Just as before curbside began, the Doctor’s Assistant will also check you out in the room and then direct you to the exit door after the appointment is completed.

End of Life Appointments: We understand there may be more family members than two that want to be present to say goodbye to your pet. As we have throughout curbside, we will make that accommodation if you wish to have more family members or children present. We do have a couple of areas, outside (weather dependent) or our garage, that we can utilize with more humans present.

Urgent Care Appointments and Emergencies: 2 masked, healthy adults may accompany their animals as well inside for their appointment- however, there may be a bit of maneuvering on our part with other clients in our exam rooms. For true medical emergencies, we will bring your pet inside first and then invite you inside as well when we can ensure we have a space for you to wait. Your pet’s care comes first to us as always, but we fully understand wanting to be with your animals, especially during times like these, and will do our very best to have you with them as much as possible.

The lobby is remaining closed at this time: Because of this, medication and food pickups, along with Day Admission appointments (surgery, boarding, grooming, hospitalizations) and Licensed Veterinary Technician appointments, will still remain curbside.

Masks are still required for anyone entering Lane Animal Hospital. Our staff will continue to wear theirs as well. Space is a challenge in our exam rooms and in general when caring for pets, since social distancing is not possible, masks will continue to be required until further notice.

If you are feeling ill with any type of illness, COVID or otherwise, we ask you to please utilize our curbside appointments only or to reschedule when you are feeling better.

Curbside service visits are available for all clients for any reason as we move forward. Simply let our client service team know that when you call to check-in for your appointment (or when you schedule) and we will

These past two years of the pandemic have been challenging for everyone, our team, and all of you. Please be assured our amazing group of dedicated and compassionate individuals is working hard to make sure your pets are as comfortable and stress-free as possible when coming into the hospital with or without you, consistently using Fear Free techniques and patience with each of them!

We are proud of the fact that we have not had to close once or alter our operating hours for the hospital at all over the past two years because of the protocols we have put in place. Even when doctors and staffing became limited due to sickness and quarantines, we have been able to remain here for you and your pets consistently with a doctor available. We will continue to weekly reevaluate our current protocols and how the hospital flow is working. When we have updates, we will absolutely continue to update all clients on this as well as we hope to open up further in the coming weeks. We have and will continue to do everything in our ability to keep our staff and clients safe.

We sincerely hope all of you know we are so thrilled to have you back inside with us!